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Entry #8

Music, music... to forget bordom

2011-03-28 12:37:22 by Arouth

Well, I'm back on making music again. I try to change my mind about theatre play and comedy. I'm work on a french adaptation of Wicked: the Musical. It don't goes pretty well cause most of the cast just don't got it in themselves. They got sparkles eyes for singing in front of other people and they get busy with everything but the musical. It sure going to be a disaster if some of us don't do a thing about it. I try helping others with the play, but ain't not much time to get they focue enough; the show is in three weeks. So, I can keep thinking about it and get mad, insane, good for white-coats people, or focus my mind on music.

Mostly, it's ambient stuff. A little like Yamaoka's stuff, he's so great, but maybe with a more modern or futuristic "touche" (taste). I inspire myself with a scenario I'm also working on. There's note much horror movies, in Quebec. Quebec directors usely do drama or comedy movies, and it is either a master-piece, or a load of pretencious crap. So, I think some psychologic horror, like Silent Hill, might be a new and interesting thing, for quebec people. And it would be nice to have already a soundtrack.


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